Having a job allows you to have the necessary income for a respectable life and for supporting a family.
It is important to know the Italian language and have a Curriculum Vitae, a document which summarizes all the informations concerning your skills, your education and your work experiences useful to introduce yourself to a possible employer.
In Rome you can go to the Centers for Job Orienteering (Centri di Orientamento al Lavoro – COL) so as to receive free assistance to drawn up your Curriculum Vitae, select training courses and search for a job.
Alternatively, if you are a resident, you can register to a Center for Employment (Centro Per l’Impiego – CPI) where people looking for a job meet employers through personalized orienteering courses. All services are free of charge.
Those who are self-employed or have a subordinate job but are in an illegal situation and would like to legalize it, can go to CAF offices (Centers for Fiscal Assistance) or aid societies. In order to know how to find the closest Center for Job Orienteering, the School for Migrants, the center for employment or the center for fiscal assistance, you can go to the Office of Public Relations (Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico – URP)  of your Municipality or to the Social Secretariat pertaining to the Social Service of your Municipality.