The non-discrimination practices in the 4 axes of the European strategy for the inclusion of Roma, Sinti and Caminanti 2012/2020

During the days from 18 to 21 September we have the continuation of the frontal learning programme pertaining to the Romunicare project. This module is aimed at spreading the knowledge about the anti-discrimination practices experimented on a national and European level in order to identify useful procedures to carry out an anti-discriminatory approach. The course, whose duration will go from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., will be structured with 2 educational stages: 1. Good practices for the inclusion of Roma on a national and international level (Education, Labour, Health, Housing); 2. The trials under way in Rome. The main recipients for this educational module will be the operators of the 15 Municipalities of Rome and of the NGOs involved in social assistance activities towards the Roma community. The educational activity will take place at the Department of Social Policies, Subsidiarity and Health of the administration of Rome (Viale Manzoni 16).