Going to school is necessary for the growth of your children, it is not just a duty. 
At school they learn how to write, read and speak the Italian language, and they grow in a condition of well-being and health; they get to know other kids and socialize.
From 0 to 6 years old children can attend playschools and child schools; it is possible to register online between January and February by accessing the online portal of the administration of Rome or going to the registry offices of your Municipality.
In Italy, foreign minors between 6 and 16 years old have the right and duty to be educated.
It is a duty of the parents to enrol their children in school: if they don’t, the authorities or the Tutelary Judge could intervene.
In order to enrol your children in school you have to go to a public school and ask for the relevant informations.
Registration to primary and secondary school can be done online and generally takes place between January and February, but it is possible to register at any time of the year. 
If you don’t have a computer you can go to a school or to the town hall where you can find assistance for drawing up the demand.
The documents required for the enrolment are: Tax Code, Identity Card or Passport of the parents and of the child.
If you don’t have them, you can make use of a self-certification, indicating the number of years attended and the matters studied at school.
Mandatory vaccines are necessary in order to attend school, as they give protection against the risk of diseases; you need to go to the Vaccination Department (Servizio Vaccinazioni) of the Local Health Authority (Azienda Sanitaria Locale – ASL).
In order to find the closest CAF (Center for Fiscal Assistance) and know the exact registration date you can go to the Office of Public Relations (URP) of your Municipality or to the Social Secretariat pertaining to the Social Service of your Municipality.

Municipality of Rome Website for registration to kindergartens:

Primary school enrollment: