If you are an EU citizen without a legal job and living in conditions of poverty and marginalization you are given the ENI (Non-Registered European) code. 
In order to obtain a ENI code you need to have a valid identity document and go to the offices that are qualified to issue the code.
The ENI code ensures that you will get outpatient treatments and hospital care in case of sickness or accident.
The ENI code doesn’t give you the right to have a general practitioner and a pediatrician; for those services you will have to go to the clinics for aliens, which are free, but they are open only on some days of the week.
If you need to know which are the closest offices and clinics, you can ask the Office of Public Relations (URP) of the Local Health Authority or the Social Secretariat pertaining to the Social Service of your Municipality.
The ENI card is valid for 6 months, it can be renewed and it is valid exclusively within the territory of Lazio.
With the ENI card the following services are guaranteed, free of charge:

  • Protection of maternity and pregnancy at family counselling centres (visits, examinations, ultrasounds, etc);
  • Contraception and termination of pregnancy at family counselling centres;
  • Free specialist examinations, tests and medicines up to 6 years old and beyond 65 years old;
  • Vaccinations;
  • International preventive medicine;
  • Preventive medicine, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases;
  • Mental health;
  • Drug addictions.

With the ENI code you have the right to be exempt from paying the charge for specialist examinations, tests and medicines for some serious illnesses, but keep in mind that if you go to the Casualty Department (Pronto Soccorso) for phenomenons that are not serious, such as a cough, a cold, or backache, you will have to pay the 25 euro charge.