The main purpose of the communication plan is to inform, sensitize and contribute to raising awareness within the Roma community about the possibility to access the town services made available by the Municipality of Rome to all residents, making use of possible facilitations and specific measures.

Another purpose will be that of guaranteeing the best information about the individual office procedures needed to obtain services, at the same time helping the Roma users improve their communication capability with the public offices of the municipality.

In order to achieve these goals our action will be carried out on various levels:

  • Diffusion of the 6 videos concerning the key matters for integration and for the access to primary services: health assistance, residence certificate, pregnancy and child care, inclusion in the labour world, education and going beyond social and gender-related stereotypes (anti-discrimination).
  • The information materials useful to promote the audiovisual aids will be produced and given to those who will participate in the training stage of the Romunicare project.
  • Involvement of third parties (associations and entities involved in social work), expanding the geographical area in which we operate.


The main target of the communication campaign is represented by an audience of more than 4,500 Roma living in Rome in municipal camps or in informal and transitory settlements.
In order to identify this demanding target, it will be necessary to directly reach this group of people through road missions carried out by the operators of the project and through an active online presence.
At the same time we will have to succeed in identifying secondary targets, who will be able to carry the contents of the campaign to the Roma groups, spreading the audiovisual materials

With regard to this second indirect target it will be therefore necessary to interact with:

  • the 120 professionals directly involved in the project, namely the operators, the officials and the managers of the Administration of Rome, as well as the operators of the associations adhering to the CESV and the 50 Roma people selected among those recently arrived.
  • The main social organizations, associations and entities working for the integration of minorities.


Taking into account the scarce and often absent computer literacy of the main target, despite the use of smartphones and applications like Whatsapp are rather popular especially among young people, it will be of primary importance to carry out a multilevel action while taking into high consideration some secondary targets; moreover it will be necessary to expand the geographical area of reference to increase the awareness of the campaign, not only identifying possible scattered users, but also materially creating the prerequisites needed to be relaunched by third parties involved in social work outside the Municipality of Rome.

This implies the use of a strategy that will integrate some of the traditional channels with web/social channels and it will be structured in 5 stages that, in some cases, will be coexisting:

  • Presentation of the campaign and distribution of the BTL (below the line) materials during the educational meetings and during the planned events;
  • Stage of action and dissemination carried out by the operators involved;
  • Direct-Marketing postal campaign aimed at the associations which are socially active with regard to the matters of discrimination and minority integration;
  • Sending of 2 Newsletters to the subjects detected.

BTL/Print materials

The need to back up the strategy based on the social diffusion of the videos realized with a local action conducted first-hand by the operators will be one of the key elements for a correct diffusion of the materials towards our main target.
We will take advantage of the educational meetings included in the project and of the planned events, so as to have the opportunity to spread the materials to all the operators involved, and said materials, accompanied by a letter of introduction, will be sent to associations and selected subjects both within the Municipality of Rome and in the rest of the country.

  • Card/reminder
    A card/reminder with the size of a business card will be produced, and on its front side it will have the logo of the project, while on the back side it will have all the references to the web and social tools that we will be activating for the project.
  • Brochure/Leaflet
    Moreover, a summary leaflet will be designed and distributed, and this will have, in addition to the informations included on the card, a more detailed description of the videos realized, including links and QR code to allow immediate access using a smartphone.
  • Letter/Direct Marketing
    The same materials will be relaunched within a targeted direct-marketing postal campaign, accompanied by a letter of introduction that we’ll be using to inform a selection of associations and subjects scattered over the Italian territory, clearly focusing our energies and choices on the entities that are active within Lazio and within the Municipality of Rome.

Social network

The first stage of the campaign will see the launch of new Social channels under the name “Romunicare” (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), each one with a specific purpose and specific goals. The creativity of the channels will respect the line approved with respective logos and claims.


The realization of a responsive website will have multiple functions: it will be used as a reference base for social advertising, it will include the links to the web versions of the BTL materials and it will also be possible to have a repository with all the videos encoded to be viewed on Whatsapp.
Moreover, the easy consultation of all the stages of the project and of the materials produced will facilitate its portability on a national and European level.

Newsletter/Mailing list

After a careful selection of all subjects connected to the Romani world, we will be drawing up a mailing list including the contacts of as many entities as possible among those involved in the Roma matter in Rome, in Lazio and in the rest of the country.
We will design an HTML email that will summarize all the contents of the videos, accompanied by images and explanatory files.

The main purpose of this mailing list will be that of keeping a high level of awareness of the campaign among social entities and sector operators.
This stage will coexist and take place when the social media campaign will have already been active for some time, and it will follow the launch of the postal direct marketing campaign.


The task of conveying the videos through Whatsapp will be fulfilled by our partner operators, who act on the local territories and in direct contact with the people; the website function as online repository for the links will help them access the versions compressed and adapted to be used through the instant messaging platform.
The same repositories will also be listed and relaunched in the descriptions included on the social networks used for the dissemination campaigns, and made available to anyone who would like to share the informations included in the videos.


Download all the BTL material at this link (.zip file – Size: 18Mb)
Download the Communication strategy PPT  at this link
Download the video “Rome-Guidelines (RO)” at this link ( mp4.Zip File – Size:439Mb)